Welcome to Noble Polymers Limited


Hello! The Company was incorporated as public limited company in the year 1994 and obtained the commencement of business certificate in the month of July, 1994. The main object in the company's memorandum of association are inter alia to carry on the business as manufacturer, processor, suppliers for all kinds of plastic materials and by products thereof.

Main Objects:

Main objects to be pursued by the company on its incorporation are:

To carry on business as manufacturer, processors, dealers, contractors, agents, suppliers, stockiest, consultants, importers, exporters for any kind of plastic goods such as Pet Jar, P.V.C. bottles and kind of baby products, toilattory and packing items related thereto and other similar plastics containers, household articles and other similar industrial articles like pipes, hoses etc and other similar plastic materials and goods of all kinds that may be in existence or may be developed in future and any by product thereof.


Presently the Company is engaged in the trading of different type of plastic goods such as bottle, baby products, toilattory and packing items. The company also do the work as a suppliers of plastic containers and household articles.


The company has an experience of almost twenty years in the field if plastic products and by products thereof. The plastic goods are used in day to day life usage. Any kind of plastic material are used by common people to manufacturer. With this concept the coorpany has started the same business.

Looking to the current market situation, promoter and directors have very positive approach to the business. There are many whole seller and retailer are available in the market and products can be sold easily in the Malls. There are many means are available for the marketing of the products.

The plastic material products can be used by industrialist, manufacturer, trader, businessman and by local public as well. Nowadays people prefer more use and throw product which indirectly help our business.

The company has tight monetary budget and better management planning. By considering the fact the company is planning to expand the sell in small and rural areas as well. The company expecting that their product must reach at that level whereas the availability of their product becomes very easy for common public.

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