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                版权所有:天鼎丰控股有限公司     备案号: 皖ICP备18011069号-1      网站建设:中企动力  南京      企业下载

                天鼎丰                              新闻中心                              产品中心                              应用案例                              人才招聘                              联系我们


                ABOUT US



                企业文化  Enterprise Culture



                  Company mission: To create sustainable and safe environment for human society.

                  企业愿景:世界无纺布智造顶尖水平,全球㊣ 新2网站生产领袖企业

                  Company vision: To achieve the world's top level in nonwovens industry, to be global roofing carrier manufacturer leader.

                  企业核心价值观:天道酬勤 一言九鼎 五谷丰登

                  Core value: Diligence ·Sincerity · Harvest

                  God helps those who help themselves.

                  One word is as heavy as nine tripods.

                  Produce good harvests for life.


                  Quality Wins The Market, Integrity Casts Brand; Win By Speed, Cost Lead

                  企业宗旨:为国家 为社会 为客户 为员工 为股东

                  Company tenet: Create value for nation, society, customers, employees, and shareholders.

                  指导思想:科技创新 产业报国 心忧天下 敢为人先

                  Guiding ideology:

                  Boosting innovation of science and technology;

                  Return for nation,Service to people.

                  Care about the world, Dare to become a pioneers.